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Monday, February 27, 2017

Golden Rose Livingroom : The Sims 4 : Download

   A pretty simple Livingroom for your Sims. The main colors are a Golden Yellow with Red accents. Not overly cluttered but just enough STUFF to make it look lived in and homey I think. Download link for the ROOM will be in the Youtube Video discription at the bottom of the page. All Custom Content will be listed under the images. Enjoy!

Custom Content Links:

Download Room Link in Youtube Video Description!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Lovers Liaison Bedroom : The Sims 4 : Download

   I know I'm a little late when it comes to Valentines Day but I was inspired anyway to do a Romantic Bedroom... Imagine you freed up a little time to get away with your Lover and after being curled up by the fire sipping a few glasses of nice wine and sharing some sweet laughs you make your way to the bed where the sheets and blankets are freshly washed and ready to get all messed up!

   Download link for the room is in the Youtube Video description and all Custom Content is listed under the images. Enjoy!


Custom Content Links:

BlueHopper TS4 Cassandre Christmas 2010 Snowflake Deco

Download Room Link in Youtube Description Box!

KidBehindACamera House Build: The Sims 4 : Download

   The recreation of a house owned by a Youtube Vloger named KidBehindACamera, in The Sims 4 world!  This house is built on the biggest sized plot in the game 64x64. The cost is 156,884 and the size is 354.41 KB. Be sure to have bb.moveobjects on enabled because the posts are doubled up around the lot and they can be tricky. If by chance you see that they are short again just use the bb.moveobjects on and Alt 9 cheats to move them back up in place.

   I had a lot of fun recreating this house, no matter how challenging it was at times. If you enjoy house recreations feel free to request one for me to build just provide me with decent images or videos to go off of. Custom Content used will be listed below the images and the Youtube tour video at the end of the page. Enjoy!

Custom Content Links:

***some decorative things not relevant to the build are not listed. IE Sofas and food deco ect.

Download Room Link in Youtube Video discription Box!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Realistic Custom Content : The Sims 4 : Download

   Are you interested in making your house and room builds look actually lived in and functional? I know I am! I love using realistic looking Custom Content in my builds because I think it adds those extra real life details that stand out the most in making great builds and screen shots. 

   If you're wondering what some of these items actually look like in build mode, I'll be showing you in my Youtube video linked at the bottom of the page.
   Here is a LONG list of realistic looking Custom Content I've found and some of my favorites that I think every simmer should have on hand when looking to add those details to their game. I hope you can find some that you either didn't know about already, or have been looking for. Enjoy!


Light switches, Appliances, Under the Counter Lighting...

 House Numbers, Door Bells, Rock hedging and Garage Doors...

Pipes, Radiators, Phones and MORE!

Custom Content Links:

SIMcredibledesigns Flora Fence 1-3

BuffSumm Build Set Villa Fence

lindseysims Outside Airconditiong Unit TS3-TS4 (Page scrolling is necessary)
lindseysims Blowing Leaves (Page scrolling is necessary)
lindseysims Spiral Stairs (Page scrolling is necessary)
lindseysims Original Garage Doors (Page scrolling is necessary)

simista Keep Your Cool Air Conditioner

sweetmint Vintage Telephone and Design Fan  (Page scrolling is necessary)
mio-sims deco fan
dri4ana TV remote
mio-sims TV remote
simista Shaded Seat
Veranka Havana Outdoor Swing
mio-sims Bathroom accessories
mio-sims plunger
Marco13 Washer and Dryer
Marco13 Radiator's
natatanec Shower Curtains
natatanec Bathroom things (trashcan lid open/closed)
natatanec Toilet and Shower Rugs
DOT lighted wall switches and plugs
DOT Under the Cabnets Lights
DOT Outdoor house plates and doorbell
darasims Single and Double Light switches and Plugs
DOT Bathroom Fan Light
Mutske Perfect Fit Windows
Bakie Electrical sockets and plug stickers
Severinka Leaves

Cats, Dogs and Animals Deco
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6

darasims Clothes lines and cleaning deco
Solny Vacuum
sanoysims Laundry washer and dryer Open glass doors
natatanec Toilet Paper Pack and bathroom things
leo-sims Air spray
leo-sims Wall plug and Cord
leo-sims Paper Holders and Attic Stairs
leo-sims Printer Deco
leo-sims Pet feeder
leo-sims Nem Kitchen conersions Hanging Wall pump
mio-sims cord
Blackys Sims Zoo Shower Curtain Recolors

Chillisims Shower Curtains
Link 1
Link 2

Oldbox Carpet for Stairs
Oldbox Ceiling Attics

Oldbox Niches/Alcoves
Link 1
Link 2

Oldbox Shutters
Oldbox Fridges with Magnets
Oldbox Table Clothes
Oldbox Door Mats
snaitf Buyable Mailboxes
ArwenKaboon TSR Morning Shimmer Sunroom Floating Shelf
yumsims Hanging planters
simista TV Antenna
simista Vertical Blinds
simista House Numbers
simista Power Point Light Switch with cord
onyxsims Folding Wardrobe
leosims Socket Deco
BuffSumm Livingroom Mila DVD player
BuffSumm Livingroom Mila Candles
dreamteamsims Ichosim Simsbox Candle
13pumpkin Attic Ceiling Deco
13pumpkin 90 Degrees Half Landing Stair and Handrail Deco
akisima Wall vents
b.smith Outdoor Lawn Mower Clutter
pqsims Tub shower curtain Recolor
DaerOn Hanging Plants

MXIMS and blackmojitos Open Laptop with Screens and Industrial Build Set (stairs and window fences) (Page scrolling necessary)

leosims pirouette stairs deco
DOT bare light bulb set
dreamteamsims exposed wall outlet
dreamteamsims wires and charger

MXIMS Electronics
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

lindseysims Wire Clothes Hanger Inside
funcitonal yankee candles
msteaqueen TS4 Modern Living Angela Sims Keira Dinning Shutter Recolors
msteaqueen Sherry Loft Sliding Door
MXIMS CurioSocket
MXIMS wall Radiator
Yumia Fences and Columbs Futuristic ipod docking station Cell Phone Galaxy Modern Dishwasher Electric Range Cooker Dual fuel gas range, perfessional stove line
simista Open Doors
Assorted decorative Pipes
simista screen door
daniparadise benedict farm set Mushrooms

Severinka Shuttered Door Arches and Other Arches
Link 1
Link 2

mutske Queen Anne Arch Open Doors
mutske Alda Arch with doors
mutske Chesham Arch Glass
mutske Chesham Arch Privat
ShinoKCR TSR Under Stair Shelves and Deco Spiral Stair
kardofe TSR Fan and coffee pot
soloriya TSR Happy Childhood outside play ground set
DaerOn Playground Conversion
NynaeveDesign TSR Altara Kitchen Appliances
BuffSumm TSR Appliances and clutter
leosims Retro Cleaner (vaccum)
victorrmiguell Phone Table Modern
novvvas Tablecloth
Annarchys MountainTop Wind Chimes
DaerOn NS Utility Room Stuff
budgie2budgie Sticker Fridge

ShinoKCR TSR Dining Eboni Fireplace Deco
Link 1
Link 2

SIMcredibledesigns TSR Nothing To Fear Wall Vent
BuffSumm Livingroom Munich Minicandle
DOT TSR Hoses for outside
MXIMS Industrial U Stairs
MXIMS Vehicles (page scrolling necessary)
More Vehicles
pqSim4 Phone and Light Switch
BakieGaming Light Switch Sticker
plasticbox Backless Double Delight Shower Tub
plasticbox Bathtub Curtain
plasticbox Modular Hanging Plants
plasticbox Liberateed Garden Stuff
plasticbox Liberated Street Deco
plasticbox Liberated 'Outdoor Retreat' Objects
plasticbox Liberated 'Get Together' Objects
plasticbox Liberated Shrubs
plasticbox Liberated Grass/Reeds
plasticbox Liberated Fences
plasticbox Liberated Fences 2
plasticbox Liberated Fences 4
plasticbox Liberated Plants
plasticbox Liberated Plants 2
Tingelingelater Pocci Steel Frame Arch
Tingelingelater City Arch

Download House in Youtube Video description Box!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Basic House : The Sims 4 : Download

This was a house used in an up coming Youtube video where I will link to a WHOLE BUNCH of Custom Content that I think is useful in making your houses look more realistic. So make sure to stay on the look out for that! 

   This house has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, Livingroom, Kitchen and Garage. The outside is modestly decorated but the inside is not decorated at all. There is a Custom Content items list included with the download. The links will also be posted here for your convenience. Happy Simming!

Custom Content Links:

Friday, February 17, 2017

Simple Life Den : The Sims 4 : Download

   The final room(s) in the Simple Life series. A Den/Livingroom and a BONUS Entry room is included in this download. The Den is a cozy addition to your sim home. A nice built in entertainment center with shelving and pretty deco things. A comfy sectional sofa to kick back on and enjoy a movie with the ones you love. The Room Download is located in the Youtube video discription at the bottom of the page. Custom Content links are below the images. Enjoy!

Custom Content Links:

Coralittsims Wall Stuff Picture
mio-sims Mysticrain serenity loveseat
Devilicious VISION Natural Short Blinds
MXIMS West Elm Rustic Books B
MXIMS Lincoln Book 2
MXIMS Small Globe
BakieGaming Light Switch Sticker
MXIMS Effel Tower Deco
Dreamteamsims Simbox Candle
Mutske TSR Window Wicklow Attic 2x1
ajoy-sims Wall Outlet
ohmysims Faux Wall Counter Height
Kyta 1702 Sculptuer Wall Loft Vent Small
Pilar para sims4 Nature Mirror
MXIMS String Shelf System
kittenstreet TS3 to TS4 Conversion Statue
ANBS Box Frame Coffee Table
Coralitt sims Tea Planter
Veranka Geneva Kitchen Soffit
BuffSumm Bedroom Mila Candle
MXIMS Macbook Pro Closed Deco
MXIMS Crissi Pillow 02
13pumpkin S2 to S4 Anye Jenson Metal Candle Holder
Severinka TS4 Scandinavian Christmas house candle
Tamamaro Glass Wine
MXIMS Apple TV Siri Remote
mio-sims Gelina cactus
MXIMS Jack Daniels Whisky Bottle
PCTS4Graciously Georgian Build Set Door
MXIMS Nordic Tripod Lamp
lina cherie Ghost Floors
Leo-Sims Vertical Borders White Wall
glitterandjaegerandsims WTMS Plain Walls


Custom Content List:

Ikea Bathroom "Hemnes" Ceiling Light
Ikea Rugs The Taste of color
MXIMS Wall Panel with small deco desk
mio-sims gosik sao books
Kriss TSR Scania Door Estate Single
BakieGaming Light Switch Sticker
Yumesims CTN Hanging Rope Planter Medium
ajoy-sims Wall Outlet
Morgana14 TSR MG Double Glass Door 1
pqSim4 myFashionSpace Percha (it's in either part 1 or part 2. Both are on the page)
leo-sims Burberry Bag Deco
Wondymoon Dysporosium Candles
Coralitt sims Tea Planter
Ashlyn-simblr 10 JRR Tolkien Quote Prints
MXIMS Curio Bedroom Plant
PCTS4Graciously Georgian Build Set Door
lina cherie Ghost Floors
glitterandjaegerandsims WTMS Plain Walls